ULTIMATE WORKSHOP by Bojan and Dalibor Mitkovski, Zaga Production

Did you know that Zaga Production in it's 11 years of existence have more then half a million US Dolars invested in equipment etc.
So Shortly what's ultimate Workshop by Zaga Production:
This workshop is organized only for one studio, which wants to upgrade their level of work to a professional studio for filming and Photographing Weddings. Including:
1. One day participating on a Zaga Production real wedding(watching how things go).
2. Filming with different type of cameras and equipment(Stedicam, Sliders, Dolly, Crane etc)
3. Directing a Wedding movie and advices about the future investments(very important).
4. Editing and finalizing a product.
Promo Video Coming soon,
Bojan & Dalibor Mitkovski,
www.ultimate-workshop.com (Mitkovski Brothers brand - UNDER CONSTRUCTION)
feel free to write to us.
Videographer Bojan Mitkovski
Bitola, North Macedonia


    • Videographer Bojan Mitkovski

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