About Video of the Day

I started this thread under the influence of recent discussions :)
These videos - a few of those that I think are worthy to Video of the day,
but for some reason they do not become. Perhaps they have not noticed, then I ask: please note!
In any case, please write what you think :)




Regards to all, Nikita,
Avatar Atudio :)
Videographer Dmitry Sedov
Moscow, Russia


    • Deleted VPV weddings
      Pienso que cualquiera de estos trabajos podría merecer, sin duda, el premio de "video del día", pero creo que no solo se vota la calidad del trabajo. Es imposible verlos todos (yo, por ejemplo, solo había visto uno de estos tres trabajos), así que te limitas a ver los de los videógrafos que sigues, o que por algún motivo te gusta su imagen de presentación.
      I think any of these jobs might merit undoubtedly Award "video of the day", but I think not only the quality of work we vote. It is impossible to see them all (me, for example, had only seen one of these three works), so you just see the videographers you follow, or that for some reason you like your image presentation.
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    • Videographer Estudio Marhea
      Ni más .... ni menos ... Opino lo mismo. A veces, un video que lleva varias semanas incluido en EEVA resulta que "de repente" aparece como video del día y es entonces cuando lo descubres.
      Neither more nor less .... ... I think the same. Sometimes a video that takes several weeks EEVA is included in that "suddenly" appears as video of the day and that's when you find out.
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