Videographer Petr  Novak –

WEVA interview with wedding videographer Petr Novak – from Prague, Czech Republic

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Do you work alone or you have a team? Tell about yourself and your studio.
I'm working alone as videographer, but I have team for photography, make-up & hairstyling. From time to time we are realizing wedding editorials across the Europe, currently we have been in Austria and Slovenia.
For how long do you work as a wedding videographer? Where do you work (office or Internet)?
I'm working as videographer for 2 years (as photographer 5 years). I work in different cities, on the way and in my hometown, where is my PC :D
How there was an idea to become the wedding videographer?
Yeah, it was after I realised that photos are stills and I want more! ;)
What is your favourite part of work? What other directions of business do you develop except of video filming?
My favourite part of work is the wedding day, the craziness at the party, smiles everywhere... the second best part is on the PC, when the whole video starts to looking great and to fit into one awesome story.
Would you like to tell something to your colleagues?
Heey, I'm looking forward to meet you, because here on WEVA I can see a lot of great work!


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