TOP15 - 2013: the new annual ranking from EEVA!

Dears, after a long consultation, we got the ranking for 2013. It takes into account several parameters: technique, style, results in the annual contest, activity on the site and attitude shown towards the videography (including international forums and workshops). We excluded users who haven't posted new video during the 2013. Incredibly, the first 13 of the TOP15 were present in all the lists that jurors had freely presented for the TOP25: this element has led us to reduce the rankings from 25 to 15 videographers, in addition to the desire to make it even more prestigious this annual ranking. In the hope that is an encouragement to all of us to improve, I wish you success with your projects and always a good light!
Videographer Daniele Paglia
Rome, Italy


    • Videographer Wesele Studio
      Why you left the possibility of leaving comments, and then removes them?
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      • Videographer Daniele Paglia
        Because in EEVA, we don't accept such kind of comments. We are open to comments from professionals. I already answered you by private message, everything about TOP15 was clear, no doubts. In the last months I began to lead this site and seen to me that now the system is working well, the ranking system of the battles is finally working, the translations of the system are ok, the Forums that we did in October were great and the next one will be much better. I can say in advance, that will not possible that people with very low ranking (like you) will have a PRO account, this is not our politics and I can't understand how you received it on July 2013. About TOP15's criteria: I already wrote on the top the parameters that were applied, I can add a info: I ask to 20 professionals to give a ranking with 25 names, the first 13 users of the TOP15 were always in every list. We're looking for excellent Filmmakers, that have technic, talent, style, that give innovation and that SUPPORT this sector. Very important was the activity of the users during the year (for this reason Balasko was excluded), the quality of their work, the annual contest (we gave a "political ranking" to the jury too, for example to me, to Yulia Vopilova, Dmitry Sedov), the activities connected to the Forum that was in Moscow and especially to the First Worldwide Photo-Video Forum in Rome, it's clear that the master of such Forums gave a lot to our world. For example I was not only the organizer but the master in the both Forums and between the partecipants were half of the TOP15's members, when we're asking to them a list of 25 members that supported "our world", what do you think that they answered? The best chosen the best. The TOP15 have to be a stimol! I received good words from whom is between the 16th and the 25th position, this is a sign of professionality. P.S. All the voting about the ranking were anonymous, like can you confirm users like Santi Veiga or Sèrgio Duarte (they were between such 20 jurors). Best regards.
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