EEVA.PRO site updates

1. We have a new forum which is not quite a standard one, anyway, it has all the handy features of a good old traditional forum, such as posting news, sharing your new art pieces with the world, and even creating topics for discussion. All registered users can participate in any forum thread and post comments. You can embed videos by pasting direct links to your videos on Vimeo.
2. Videos are now organized separately in user profiles, as well as the information about our authors and the threads they start on the forum. The video playback window is adjusted to your screen and is of maximum size available to you. Users cannot upload their videos to the site, since Vimeo is extremely popular and we are realistic about our own capacity.
3. Just a reminder. You can sort the videos in your profile. Simply drag them wherever you want. We are now developing this feature for tablets.
4. Now use the email from your profile to log in. You can change your username, which is also used as the link to your profile (for example, as well as your password, email and any other information you want to specify. You can open edit page by clicking your name
5. In the top right corner of the page there are two links next to your avatar: Messages and Commentaries. Notifications about new commentaries and messages appear on the corresponding icons.
6. Please check your location (city) in your profile, it might have been deleted during the update. Please, accept our apologies for the incovenience. By the way, PRO account holders can specify up to 3 locations in their profiles.
7. By default, the list of authors in the Videographers section is sorted by rating. You can also sort them by date modified. This way or another, PRO users go first and regular users go below them. In the Videos section there are several sorting filters for your convenience.
8. We have dramatically updated videographers search - if you choose Country and City filter, authors are sorted by location immediately. If you search by last name or login, the sorting starts after you press Enter.
Videographer Dmitry Sedov
Moscow, Russia


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