For Love's Sake // 09+10 April 2019 Barcelona, Spain

2019-4-9 — 10
西班牙, 巴塞罗纳, Carrer de Bejar 57, Zum Zeig Cinema
On the 9th and 10th of April 2019 eight amazing filmmakers will set up camp in Barcelona.
We present a line-up that is extremely diverse in style, because we believe that real inspiration can be found in diversity.
Open up to things you are not used to do, not used to make and you will see yourself being more creative than you ever were and making better films than you ever did.

Jeremie Pennequin / the Quirky (France)
Steph Bubble / We are Bubblerock (New Zealand)
Stam + George / With Heart Films (Greece)
Carlos van Oostrum / BruidBeeld (the Netherlands)
Tim Twinem / Velare (USA)
Francisco Montoro (Spain)
Patrick Moreau / Muse Storytelling (USA)
Alex + Whitney / Sculpting with Time (USA)
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摄像师 Carlos van Oostrum
鹿特丹, 荷兰


    • 摄像师 Carlos van Oostrum
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